When it comes to creating a square foot garden, there are really not many rules. Among them are the following important points.

Width of Four Feet or Less

This means that each of your garden beds should not be wider than 4 feet. So, a 4×4, 4×8, or 4×12 garden are all fine, but an 8×8 garden bed is too big. Why? Because it is important not to walk in your garden. This compresses the soil, stunting vegetable growth and reducing the amount of rainwater absorbed by the soil. With a 4 foot width you will be able to reach the middle from either side. That means you can plant and harvest while keeping your feet out of the garden soil. Take a look at our 4×4 garden plan for a simple DIY project or check the store for finished options.

Measured in Square Feet

You want to know how many square feet are in your garden. Some gardeners install small wooden strips to separate each square foot. Others use twine or string. If your garden beds are small, like 4×4, you can easily eyeball it, but having the visual aid really does help.

Amend the Soil

You want garden soil that is rich and light. Because of this, a raised bed garden is an excellent idea when square foot gardening. Whether you use a raised bed or a traditional garden, amend the soil every year with compost and organic matter to keep the soil rich and full of nutrients. Your garden plants will appreciate it.

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