Growing Radishes in a Square Foot Garden

Growing radishes in a square foot garden works well because they are grown well in a small field, rather than in long rows. Radishes are easy to grow and fast to mature, making them a great choice in spring or fall in a part of the garden that will be filled with warm weather crops during the middle of summer.

Spacing Radishes

When planting radishes in a square foot garden you can easily plant 16 radishes in each square foot for fast growing beauties. In fact, you might be able to get away with even more if the mature size of the roots is not too large, but 16 per square foot is generally a good rule of thumb.

When to Plant Radishes

Radishes are a cool season crop that can be planted early in the season or in late summer or early fall for an encore. They will mature in as little as 30 days, so they can be enjoyed in a part of your garden reserved for a warm weather crop to be planted later like beans or eggplant.

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