Square Foot Gardening Beans

Square foot gardening beans is a difficult step for many gardeners who have been planting beans in rows for many years, but beans do very well planted in a field. In fact, they seem to rather enjoy the protection of other nearby plants and the soil will retain moisture better with this method. What most gardeners find is that each bean plant is slightly less productive when planted in a square foot but that the yield per square foot increases, which is the goal of square foot gardening.

Spacing Beans

Bush beans are best grown in a 3 by 3 formation, or 9 per square foot. You can certainly grow several square feet of beans next to each other, but another option is to plant other things in adjacent squares and repeat beans elsewhere in the garden.

When to Plant Beans

Beans are a warm season crop that are best planted in late spring or early summer. Because beans mature quickly, as little as 60-75 days, it is easy to get a crop in after cool season crops like radishes if you want to save some space.

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