Square Foot Gardening Beets

Square foot gardening beets is actually quite fun. For some reason a long row of beets seems like work but a square foot of beets is simple and attractive. Beets can be grown both for their greens as well as the root, and both are very good for you, so add beets to your garden for a little something extra.

Spacing Beets

Like other root crops such as onions, beets should be planted at 9 per square foot in a 3 by 3 formation. Beets work well at the front of the garden and are attractive repeated in different areas next to other plants that are taller.

When to Plant Beets

Beets are a cool season crop and you can get them started right away in the garden for an early summer harvest. The roots may be harvested in around 60 days, while the greens may be harvested even earlier and go well in a salad or stew. Since beets grow quickly, a fall crop is certainly possible by planting in mid to late summer.

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