Square Foot Gardening Lettuce

Square foot gardening lettuce is very simple because lettuce loves the square foot garden. There is really no wrong way to plant lettuce, as long as it gets enough water, but planting lettuce in a single square foot is both attractive and functional. Lettuce does not mind a bit of shade from the afternoon sun, making it a great companion to taller crops like tomatoes.

Spacing Lettuce

Lettuce is grown at 4 per square foot in the garden. The fact is that it will also be happy planted in a small field within that one foot cell, but if starting lettuce from seed indoors and transplanting, 4 per square foot is the proper spacing. This makes growing and harvesting lettuce very easy.

If you choose to grow a small patch of lettuce, don’t plant any seeds around the outer perimeter of the cell to avoid disturbing neighboring plants. Just sprinkle the seeds in the area, scratch up the surface a bit to lightly cover them with soil, and add water.

When to Plant Lettuce

Growing lettuce in a square foot garen is easy, and lettuce appreiates a bit of shade from some tall neighboring plants in the garden like tomatoes.

Lettuce is a cool season crop that does best in spring and fall in most areas. During the hot summer months it is quick to bolt, which causes lettuce to lose it’s flavor and go to seed. There are some very high quality varieties that are slow to bolt if continuously harvested, so don’t give up just because you have a long summer.

Planting from seed is very easy and lettuce can be direct sowed in late spring and again in late summer for a fall harvest. Sowing seed every 2 weeks will insure a perfect crop over and extended period. If planting from seedlings, wait until the danger of a killing frost has past.

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