Square Foot Gardening Peas

Peas are an interesting vegetable for the square foot garden as many people like to plant then in a traditional garden in rows with a short fence between two closely planted rows. However, planting peas in a small area where they can support one another is a viable way to grow them.

There is really nothing like fresh peas from your own garden. While peas freeze fairly well, fresh peas as still many times better, and compared to canned peas there is no comparison. Freshly picked peas grown in the proper season are crisp, sweet, and full of flavor.

Spacing Peas

nine per square footWhen planting peas in a square foot garden, grow 8 or 9 in each foot. If 8 are grown, they can be planted in a square, whereas 9 would be planted in 3 rows of 3.

Since peas planted in mid-spring will be done my mid-summer, they can be planted next to other garden plants that need more space as the summer moves along. This makes them a suitable neighbor for plants like peppers, which will continue to grow over the season.

When to Plant Peas

fresh peas from the garden

fresh peas from the garden

Peas are a cool season crop and are one of the most frost resistant vegetables in your garden. They can be planted in spring well ahead of the expected last frost date. As soon as the soil is workable and the snow is long gone, peas may be sown into the garden. This may be as much as 35 days ahead of the last frost.

For a fall planting, shoot for a last planting about 80 days ahead of the expected first frost date. This will allow plenty of time for a great yield. Since most gardeners will find this planting time is in the middle of winter, peas will require enough water to germinate well as the soil will be warmer than what they prefer, and a light layer of straw might help to keep the soil cool until the plants emerge, though this is optional.

Photo by Scarygami via Flickr, CC BY-SA 2.0

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