Square Foot Gardening Peppers

Peppers look great in a square foot garden and are perfect for square foot gardening and those spots in the middle of a small raised bed, just behind small crops like lettuce, carrots, or radishes. Growing your own peppers is very rewarding and the quality of bells and hot peppers direct from the garden will be higher than anything you will find in the store.

Spacing Peppers

Peppers like to have a bit of room, so give each pepper one square foot to grow for best results. Check your pepper spacing, however, because there are a few out there that get pretty big and may demand more breathing room. If in doubt, go with one square foot per pepper and you will be just fine.

When to Plant Peppers

Peppers like it warm, so don’t plant them too early in the season. It is better to plant peppers a couple weeks after your average last frost date, when the soil and air temperatures are getting consistently warm. Planting peppers too early may not hurt them but it can stunt their growth, so be patient and plant when the really cold nights are gone.

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