Square Foot Gardening Tomato Plants

Square foot gardening tomato plants will make you think differently about how you grow this classic garden plant. When growing tomatoes in the square foot garden you really have two choices. You can use tomato cages or you can try to grow them more vertically with a pole and ties. Tomatoes are really neat in a square foot garden if you choose the latter, simply because it looks cool. You will get more production per square foot with this method, though less per individual plant. Keep in mind that tomatoes grown in this manner will be tall, so know where the sun will cast a shadow and choose your spot wisely.

Spacing Tomatoes

If you are going with the traditional route and using tomato cages, expect to use 4 square feet for each tomato plant. Simply plant in the middle of a 2×2 grid. If you are going vertical, one plant per square foot will do nicely. Make sure you install your pole right away so you won’t have to risk damage to the plant once it gets bigger, and maintain control over those side branches so that you can keep each plant tall and narrow. You want sun and air to move around the plants.

When to Plant Tomatoes

Tomatoes are a warm season crop but they can be planted after your last frost date as long as the extended forecast looks OK. Always plant tomatoes deep. That means that you should plant them well into the ground, lower than they came from the store or from your seed flats. Tomatoes will grow roots along the stem that you buried which will improve the rate of growth.

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