Time For Planting a Square Foot Garden

Get Ready For a Productive Garden!

Welcome to the Square Foot Garden Hub. Here you will find the resources that you need to build and grow a successful square foot garden year after year.

We have resources on how to design a garden, what to grow, how to space plants, what will grow well on a trellis, how to companion plant, and much more information so that you can increase your yields and reduce the work required to have a beautiful and productive garden.

What is a Square Foot Garden?

A square foot garden is really no different than any other garden, except in the way you tend the garden. Unlike a traditional garden that is planted in long rows, square foot gardens are planted in one square foot increments. In other words, a garden bed that is 4 feet by 4 feet is considered to have 16 individual planting zones and each is planted with a specific number of plants depending on the plant type.

Why Square Foot Garden?

There are several very good reasons to garden using the square foot garden method. Some of the most compelling are these:

  • gardens will fit in small spaces
  • more food is produced in a smaller space
  • raised bed gardening saves water
  • planting and harvest are easier
  • square foot gardens look great!
  • weeding is greatly reduced
  • it’s fun!

Where to Begin?

To get started with a new square foot garden, just follow these very simple steps.

  1. Get a garden ready. Check out the gardens page for help in building your own.
  2. Select your plants. Browse the plants area for some inspiration and planting tips.
  3. Grow your garden. Make sure you know your hardiness zone and plant at the right time.
  4. Enjoy fresh food from your square foot garden!

Did You Build Your Own Square Foot Garden?

If so, we’d love to showcase it on the Square Foot Garden hub. Please see the about page and send us your pictures and tell us your story, and we may share it with other users to inspire them.

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